Work/Play and Cameron Granger: God is in the Details

God is the Details questions the notion of salvation versus condemnation, righteous versus sinner, chosen versus cursed and the need to control ones own destiny. The old adage “it’s in the cards,” references the belief system that everything happens for a reason or for the greater good. Offering the ideology of being a co-creator of ones own universe and looking inward for deliverance, the works provide an altered spiritual route of self-navigation.

Cameron Granger is an award winning filmmaker and video artist currently based in Columbus, Ohio. His recent work revolves around notions of blackness as they relate to the ‘American Dream’, representation in film and media. Cameron is a founding member of MINT, a Columbus based art collective and project/gallery space and a 2017 resident artist at the Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture. His work has screened and been exhibited in galleries and festivals both nationally and internationally.

WORK/PLAY is an interdisciplinary design duo consisting of Danielle and Kevin McCoy. Together, they combine illustration, minimal contemporary design along with experimental printmaking techniques. With their use of design and printmaking, the collaborative duo has expanded their practice to textile arts, site-specific installation, publication and bookmaking to inspire audiences and trigger experiences. They continuously experiment with new techniques, seeking to push beyond the perceived boundaries of art, design and printmaking.

Opening reception:
January 13, 2018 from 7 PM – 10 PM
The Millitzer Studio & Gallery
3103 Pestalozzi St, St. Louis 63118

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Studio space

The Millitzer is a great place to have an art studio, but all of our space is currently occupied. Please check back again in the future. 

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