Their Way: Group photography exhibition curated by Kahlil Irving

Exhibition Statement by Kahlil Irving:

“Their way“ elaborates on the creation of the photograph and how the artists challenge how we see vulnerability, strength, and the figure. Using the click of a button to capture a second in time is difficult; the exhibition brings together artworks that use illusion to tell an emotional narratives.

We all have bodies, which lens do we see them through? What is available or unattainable? How do we view the body in and out of our control? Celebrating life, looking inward, outward gestures of seeing, protests — are all themes that are being employed in these works. What is the difference between the public self and the private self? Some people guard themselves with power suits. Other people reflect and capture portraits to tell narratives of our realities in 2016.

The selected works on view range from portraits, body shots, and full figure images. Within the Millitzer Gallery, which is a South Side Saint Louis domestic space, the viewer will look into the private space of ones used to be home. They will see a place within a place that is present or past. From a sitter in the photograph, to the photographer using themselves as the sitter, even an image of an object that represents a challenge or over coming.

“Their Way“ is an exhibition comprised of artists from many backgrounds, ages, and places in their practice. Artists – Jen Everett, Chloe West, Ariadne Fish, Sheena Rose, and Kat Reynolds are powerful!”

Studio space

The Millitzer is a great place to have an art studio, but all of our space is currently occupied. Please check back again in the future. 

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