Opening reception for Chloe West’s ‘To Name a Thing’ Saturday

Opening: Saturday, March 3rd 7pm-10pm
Show runs from March 3rd-March 31st

“To Name a Thing” presents new works by Chloe West. Through the intimate and laborious act of painting, West looks at the neutral, the incidental, and the marginal. The paintings use the language of both representation and abstraction to depict objects of the everyday and fragments of the body, views that are both mundane and intimate. Through these various perspectives, the works both allow and deny the viewer’s gaze, giving fluctuating degrees of accessibility to deal with themes of the gaze, the displaced body, and private/public space. The works form a convoluted narrative that refuses to be named.

West was born in Wyoming where she earned a BFA from the University of Wyoming. West currently lives and works in St. Louis, MO where she received a MFA from Washington University in St. Louis in 2017. West’s move from Wyoming to the city has influenced her current work that deals with themes of interiority, the gaze, and the body as it relates to place.