Boo - New Works by Ryan Doyle

Boo – New Works by Ryan Doyle

Boo, is an installation that plays with the magnetism between several of Doyle’s on going bodies of work. Baseball caps, spacecraft, and architectural details find themselves in paint and in a conversation of kinship, place, and racism.

Ryan Doyle is an artist living and working in St. Louis, Missouri. Doyle has a BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art and is a first year MFA candidate at Washington University in St.Louis.

Returning from Baltimore to study at WashU was a sort of homecoming for the artist who was born and raised in North St.Louis County. The racially charged environment of North County and the psychologically charged space of his childhood home has fueled his investigations of perception, making, and meaning.

Doyle creates paintings, objects, and constructions, which together form fluid webs of memory, experience, and personal narrative. Each piece is a marker, a biographical trace of his home, its walls, and the town outside of them. A palpable psychological charge—shaped by memory, racism, and perception—becomes a fixture of these spaces. Within the process of making Doyle is continually developing an embodied understanding of the events that charge his surroundings. This presence is translated into painted surfaces that conjure corporeal sensations of touch and matter. The alluring, nuanced surfaces of the paintings are greatly influenced by their environment. Taking on conditions, they begin to participate, slowly releasing their secrets.

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