Albert Yowshien Kuo: Facts and Figures Make Liars of Those Two Charlatanical Divines

Facts and Figures Make Liars of Those Two Charlatanical Divines, is an exhibition of works celebrating America’s cultural traditions and iconography epitomized throughout its small towns, rural areas, and farmlands, where national decorum is essential. Icons like flannel, hats, firearms, trucks, and sports like fishing, shooting, hunting, and corn hole are accessories to this national identity that are both compelling and often inaccessible to minority Americans. Viewed as an outsider, there is in this country an inescapable feeling of alienness that surrenders to a focus on identity and a faith in newness.

This exhibition highlights this side of American culture in order to examine the proving grounds, where minorities who choose to participate are often still received as disingenuous. These pieces attempt to dispel the myths that have long veiled this American man and have created reservations that exclude new members. As an Asian American I see American nationalism falsely embodied, becoming a barrier to the freedom of expression it was meant to defend.

Join us for the Opening Reception.

Opening Reception:
Saturday, April 21, 2018
7:00pm – 10:00pm

The Exhibition will be on view from April 21 – May 12 by Appointment. Please email //